Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Time As A Lab Rat, Part IV

In 1998, Seattle rock band Harvey Danger released their seminal single "Flagpole Sitta". Although chock full o' poignant lyrics, today I was focused on just one.

but if you're bored then you're boring
the agony and the irony, they're killing me

Well fuck me with a herring knife! Today, day (one, two three, four, five) five, is the day that it gets to me. Like yesterday, it was gorgeous today in Salt Lake City; high 80's, a little breeze, a couple white fluffies in the sky. You couldn't ask for a better August day in Utah UNLESS YOU HAVE TO SPEND ALL WEEKEND INDOORS STAYING COOL SO YOUR BACK DOESN'T SWEAT THEREBY RUINING THE EXPERIMENT, THE ONLY HOPE YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHY THE SKIN ON YOUR STUPID FEET DISINTEGRATES LIKE SO MUCH TOILET PAPER GETTING PISSED ON! AHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRR!

Really, I would have enjoyed playing disc and maybe gone for a little run in the mountains, just a little one. It's weird because I have squandered other equally lovely weekends watching endless bad movies on TNT or frittered away the time doing other nonsense. It seems that not having a choice about it is getting to me.

Fortunately, I got the proverbial smack in the face today in time for me to start a worthwhile project. [oooh "Jesusland" just hit the amarok ... gotta love that staccato piano ... wait for it ... ahh, that was nice] So I am now in the middle of [finally] painting my bathroom vanity. And by 'painting', I mean 'priming'; and by 'priming', I mean 'sanding'; and by 'sanding', I mean making a big effin' mess. This has been loosley on my agenda since I tiled my floors about two years ago. Hopefully I'll be sufficiently pleased with the result to counter the extreme annoyance I have with my back situation.

Enough blogging, I've got more mess to make.

Anxiety: peaked; itchiness: zilch; stinkiness: sawdust, latex, and b.o., yummy

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