Friday, August 04, 2006

My Time As A Lab Rat, Part III

This morning, I seriously (albeit briefly) considered jumping in the shower. In that moment I wanted the sweet, warm touch of lady Delta and her long wet fingers. But I stayed strong; I kept to the course because I knew the worst would be over soon...

Summer (today's assistant) was gentle but firm, and quick to boot. The procedure was rip off all the tape and the patches, then draw all over me with a pink highlighter. I then had to sit around for fifteen minutes to wait for my back to "settle down". I used that time to rock-out a new high score in meteos. The doctor took a quick look and did not find anything conclusive. I think he knows something, but wants to leave me in suspense over the weekend so I don't do something foolish like clean myself.

So far, I have not actually felt any itchiness. After the patches came off, I thought I felt a little twinge of itchiness, but that seems to have been entirely psycho-somatic. The lack of itchiness makes me feel a bit cheated. I half expected it to be a macho test of will to restrain myself from ravaging the skin off my back due to itching so intense that most mere mortals would wish for death just to have reprieve.

Anxiety: low; itchiness: boring; stinkiness: building.

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