Monday, September 11, 2006

Who are those kids?

Today I got an email from the bro with a couple random pictures from our childhood. I am posting them here for posterity. I'm not going to say exactly which one I am, but I will say that I'm the one who doesn't look like a girl.

Pete and Todd
I wish I had more context for these photos. It looks like me and the bro are probably two and three, respectively. That puts the photo being taken circa 1981. We are, of course, in Ohio. Almost certainly in Fremont. And it would not suprise me if they were taken on my mom's family property.

Pete and Todd
Another thing to note about these pictures is that I look happy in both of them. This is interesting because as a general rule, I was not happy as a child. These photos were taken before I was self-aware (which happened at about 3 years old). I must have been blissful in my ignorance of my surroundings; or maybe this was before my parents got divorced. I'm glad I was happy, but I'm more glad that I don't have to go back there.

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