Monday, November 20, 2006

Some Random Thoughts

First random thought: I am really enjoying New York.

Second random thought: I am not enjoying my money evaporating.

Third random thought: I am getting what I wanted from this big giant move.

Fourth random thought: I am ambivalent about the lack of free time I find myself having/not-having.

Fifth random thought: When I don't think about my friends in Salt Lake, I'm not sad about having ditched them. When I do think about it, I feel guilty and sad.

Sixth random thought: I went running this morning. My it-band hurts because I ran on the sidewalk and the sidewalk is concrete and therefore very hard. The good thing about this run was that I seem to have retained some of my cardiovascular ability thus far. I can tell now that exercise opportunities in this city are going to be more difficult to find than in Salt Lake. Which is to say that I will have to actively seek out physical activity instead of it being built into the cultural lifestyle.

Seventh random thought: I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm losing my passion for things that I used to be passionate about. For example, I have not read tech news in a couple months. I am also less motivated to pursue extra curricular technology related activities. My best analysis at this point is that it is because my passion is being spread across more endeavors whereas previously I laid it thick onto just the job. This balance yields some evenness in my outlook, but I do have some serious reservations about my waning passion for all things technical. Frankly, the reason I can afford to live in this city is because I have had a relatively meteoritic rise in my career. I attribute that ascent to geek glory to really, really enjoying hacking software in favor of almost all other activity -- except being a hermit at home where I could read computer books for fun at nights and on the weekend.

That's about it for now. Like going running after a long break, one should not push too hard when getting back into writing after a long break.

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